Engineered, not grown.

Cannabinoids identical to Nature.


Leading Innovation in synthetic Cannabinoids.

Biotii is rethinking the way people produce Cannabinoids. We develop methods to synthetically produce various types,

including the popular THC, CBD and CBN forms. While we're skipping the slow, conventional growing and extraction processes, we also skip most of the associated cost.


Nano-engineering does not equal nano-production: fully developed, Biotii's strains allow for production of both small and large batches at remarkably similar unit cost. Biotii's proprietary biosynthesis platform will be able to fulfil the rising demand across industries.



Creating scalable production for all types of cannabinoids while keeping cost at equal levels.  

Outperforming conventional growing methods: produce Cannabinoids in days, not weeks. 

Biotii's proprietary biosynthesis platform allows us to build a strong IP portfolio, including new types of cannabinoids.

Minimize environmental impact without financial implications.

Producing cannabinoids at a fraction of the current cost, regardless of type or amount.

Regulatory peace of mind: Biotii uses techniques similar to those in current FDA-approved drugs. Our proteins are not contaminated with endotoxins or viruses.

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